#6 Las noticias de la semana con Andrea y María

If you’re looking for a podcast to improve your Spanish, this one discusses current topics in a very authentic and deliberate manner so non-native speakers can better understand hearing real Spanish, the kind that’s spoken by millions of people all over the world. María and Andrea host this podcast, which features weekly interviews where they provide a judgment-free space for Spanish students. It’s a truly beautiful podcast, and listeners will enjoy all the interviews from Latino and Hispanic teachers across different countries and cultures.

This podcast has 5 episodes as of March 2021, and it gets updated every three to five days.

If you want to have access to over 900 PDF files with transcriptions, exercises and grammar explanations, visit the blog bespanishonline.com

On this episode your are going to listen about «El racismo y la discriminación» What is your opinion about the topic?

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